While I still don’t actively work on DBX anymore, I did have occasion to work on a client using SQLServer and took the opportunity to add/enhance a few things that were annoying me:

  • added a filter for the left-hand TOC which does simple string-matching to filter objects
  • enhanced object cross-linking in various detail views; e.g., when viewing FK relationships, you can now click-and-go to the objects listed

Download from here.

On a different note, James Moberg was kind enough to alert me to an incompatibility with Microsoft’s SQLJDBC driver under Adobe ColdFusion.  It works fine with the default Adobe JDBC connector, but the MS SQLJDBC driver does not support the sqlvariant datatype, and a number of queries under the DBX hood make use of that datatype.  I’ll be addressing it at some point in the future, but for now just note that if you wish to use DBX, you’ll need to use the default JDBC connector.  This should be true of Lucee as well.