DBX 10.2.0 Released

While I still don’t actively work on DBX anymore, I did have occasion to work on a client using SQLServer and took the opportunity to add/enhance a few things that were annoying me: added a filter for the left-hand TOC which does simple string-matching to filter...

T-SQL function to de-duplicate lists

Needed a function to de-duplicate string lists, so I modified a similar UDF from SQLAuthority. That original UDF didn’t preserve the position of list elements or handle case sensitive comparisons, and I wasn’t too keen on the variable naming. Anyway, my...

DBX 10.1.12 Released

This update allows DBX to display included columns when enumerating indexes for tables. Based off the sp_helpindex2 stored procedure from http://www.sqlskills.com. Download from here.

DBX 10.1.11 Released

A bug fix and a minor change: – fixed miscalculation of total in database/table info pane – changed sort in extended properties tab for 2005/2008 tables/views to match the ordinal position of the column

T-SQL function to get a char count

I needed an efficient and reusable way to get character counts in strings at the database level and produced the following udf which takes a string and a character and returns the number of occurrences of the character in the string. CREATE FUNCTION...