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DBX 10.1.9 Released

Minor fix in this version:

– added handling for stored html content display in data sample tab

Adventures in bad variable names

There are many built-in, always-there variable scopes in CF, including #cgi#, #form#, #url#, etc., and one does well to avoid using these names for anything other than their intended purpose. However, I was doing a CFHTTP call (in CF8) and set the result attribute to ‘http’ (the result attribute allows you to specify the return variable name rather than receive the ‘cfhttp’ default) and immediately had issues.

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T-SQL function to get a char count

I needed an efficient and reusable way to get character counts in strings at the database level and produced the following udf which takes a string and a character and returns the number of occurrences of the character in the string.

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DBX 10.1.8 Released

Minor update in this version:

  • when launching the SQL*Exec window from the table or view detail page, the populated sql now has the columns [bracketed] (by request)
  • increased the default size of the textarea in the SQLExec window since although its actually sizable by way of resizing the frames, the frames are difficult to see/resize

Also, it seems that RIAForge still suffers from its frequent downtime, so I’ve added a new alternate download link for DBX on the Projects page.