Been a long time since I’ve posted, mostly since no one except spammers bother to come to the site, but I’ve finally had it and had to vent into the ether before my head explodes.

For the love of all that’s right and holy, the freaking word is ‘lose’, not ‘loose’.

‘Every time I try to save I loose my changes’ – do you? You deserve to, since you’re an idiot that doesn’t know how to spell.

If you’re not a native English speaker, you’re forgiven, and have now been properly instructed on the proper spelling of the word ‘lose’. If you ARE a native English speaker, you have no excuses and no defense – no, it’s not a typo, no, it’s not anything else – you simply don’t know how to spell a common f**king four-letter word and demonstrate your ignorance to the world (at least that part that knows how to spell ‘lose’) each time. You should be ashamed.

To make things simple, here are links where you can read the difference between ‘Lose’ and ‘Loose’. Go, you’ll be a better person for it.