Nathan Strutz pointed out a bug where DBX would not run from a site running on a port other than 80. This stemmed from a cross-site scripting fix added in v10.1.3 which did not consider the port. This has been resolved.

Other changes in this version:
– added print button to server and database panes
– changed button text on secondary nav to allow the current layout to work at 1024×768
– fixed issue where data sample tab would not display all columns if it rendered wider than current window size

I think I’m getting very close to a complete overhaul; the UI is dated and very restrictive by now (and I’ve been meaning to add support for other rdbms’s for years, as well). The button renaming noted above was due to not having enough space to comfortably display all the options at smaller resolutions, and while I don’t think the change creates any problems per se, I can't say I’m totally delighted with having to abbreviate text merely to get it all to fit – definitely a sign that things must be redone.